Antique #20 Cast Iron School Bell - American Bell Foundry

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20" Bell manufactured by the American Bell Foundry.


The American Bell Foundry was originated in 1899. The company made bells of all sizes for churches, schools, farms and factories. The most popular being the dinner bell. Northville was an industrial mecca for church and school furniture, butter churns, etc...... The bells were made in Northville before the Am Bell Foundry was started in 1899. The bells probably started in 1895 as part of the Globe Furniture Company's foundry operation. In 1896 the bells were being made under the name of the Am Bell Foundry. In April of 1899 the Globe was destroyed by fire and the AM Bell Foundry was organized. The new company manufactured bells and did general foundry and machine business. The company purchased the foundry buildings together with the old patterns. The bells were sold to Sears, Montgomery Ward and American Seating Co. By 1902 the company (30 employees) could not keep up with the demand with orders coming in from around the world. The company was sold in 1920 to J.B. Foote Foundry of Ohio and in 1924 it became the Bell Furnace & Manufacturing Co. The bell making probably ended in 1924.

Size: 65"H x 24"D x 18"W

Weight: 138 lbs.

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