Fire Door, Almetl, Corrugated

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Merchant & Evans (M&E) “Almetl” Single Sliding Fire Door, rolling hardware included. Their 1918 catalogue describes it best, “the cross-laid corrugated [steel] sheets… [on] the reinforced frame, makes the Evans “Almetl” Door by far the best and strongest on the market; while the absence of any wood core makes it considerably lighter… than the standard three-ply tin-clad fire door.” Notice in the photos the corrugation is horizontal on one side and vertical on the other, providing more rigidity against heat from fire.

It was salvaged from the structure known as Lexington Furniture Plant 1, (LFI Plant 1). Lexington Furniture has consolidated this building’s processes with their LFI Plant 2 and are still in business. The oldest parts of LFI Plant 1 date back to 1901 when it was then operated by Dixie Furniture. This 1 million SF building is going to be selectively demolished and repurposed. The salvage of LFI Plant 1 will be featured on season 8, episode 2 of the DiY network show, “Salvage Dawgs”. Weight: 116 lbs, 57.5H x 5.5D x 60W.  Rolling hardware dimensions: 21"H x 3"D x 5"W.

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