Railroad Pallet Wood and Factory Wheel Coffee Table



This contemporary industrial style coffee table, was made in our shop. The wood, which looks like rustic beams is actually repurposed wood from a pallet that was used to transport a Locomotive Engine. Each of the four maple "beams" are approximately 6"H x 8"W and have been lightly sanded to allow the rustic attitude and aged patina of the wood to shine through the satin poly top coat. 3/4" all thread rod holds the wood together with spacers between the "beams" which allow for a 3/4" gap between the maple beams. 1 1/2" rebar slices hold the glass top up off the wood creating a level surface. The tempered glass top is 3/8" thick and has polished edges. The wheels are repurposed reproduction factory cart wheels. This coffee table will fit into any decor and quickly become the focal point of the room. Please note the wheels are not meant to be used to roll or move the cart any distance. Weighing in at 348 lbs. you will need a crew to lift this piece into place. Weight: 348 lbs. Item Measurements: 51.5(L) x 36.25(W) x 17.5(H)

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