38" Amusement Park Air Cannon, Retro Spaceship Design, Sci-Fi Look, Table Mount



This 38" retro air cannon has a cool, science-fiction, "ray gun" look. The air gun was salvaged from a tree-top amusement park village near Branson, Missouri. It has a rounded, rocket-shaped body accessorized with fun, futuristic, space-age coils, fins and "antennae". The giant air guns were once part of the "Geyser Gulch" attraction in the Silver Dollar City amusement park. Visitors could shoot 2.5" foam balls at moving targets and each other from bridges and a 5-story water tower.

Salvage History: In 2015, the attraction was disassembled to make room for the new "Fireman's Landing". Our salvage crew featured this job on the DIY Network show "Salvage Dawgs", Season 4, Episode 1.

Condition: Very good condition for age and use. Surface scuffs and some plastic haze. No signs of rust or tarnish. Refurbished in our shop: added air lines. The upper ("ammo") tube has a chip (photographed).

Weight: 40 lbs.,
Measurements: 38(L) x 21(W) x 12(H)

History of Silver Dollar City:

In 1960, Chicagoans Hugo and Mary Herschends opened the village they called "Silver Dollar City", named for the promotional idea of giving visitors silver dollars as change. When vacationers returning home would pay for their gas and other purchases with silver dollars, people would ask where they got the coins, and the vacationers would describe the park and their Silver Dollar City adventure.

The park had a blacksmith shop, a general store, an ice cream parlor, a doll shop, and two 1800s authentic log structures which had been relocated and restored, the McHaffie homestead and the Wilderness Church. For entertainment, a small troupe of Silver Dollar City "citizens" dressed in 1880s costumes performed street theater, presenting humorous feuds between the Hatfields and the McCoys. The staff, including Herschends, was about 17 people.

In 1969, Silver Dollar City drew national attention when producer Paul Henning brought the cast and crew of the popular Beverly Hillbillies television show to the park to film five episodes.

By 1963 500,000 people visited the park and Silver Dollar City became Missouri's number one tourist attraction. By 1998, visitors were topping two million.

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