Retail Merchandising Focal Point Doorway Display, 11 Ft Wide

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This incredible, oversized double doorway makes a bold statement with a 10.7 foot tall, 9.8 foot wide, space-anchoring size.
This custom double-door retail display was manufactured by Colony Display Systems Manufacturing. It consists of a jamb with 2 large, 3 panel, slip-joint hinged doors with chrome kickplates. Composed of a dense composite material. With a bright yellow satin finish, this display is truly eye catching!
Currently, this display is disassembled for ease of storage and transport. The item was salvaged from a local department store that has closed after 44 years of operation in the Roanoke Valley.
Weight: 912 lbs.
Item Measurements: 128.5(L) x 15.5(W) x 117.5(H)

Condition: Very good. Minor surface scuffs and scratches as expected with age and use.

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