Wood Screen Door Set, 48.5" x 81.25", Salvaged from 1850 Virginia Inn



This screen door set was salvaged from the historic Cascades Inn in Healing Springs, Virginia. The set features wood framing and original hardware.

The Cascades Inn was built in 1850, with various renovations taking place in the early 1900's and a motel built around the 1950's. During the civil war, the hotel was used as a hospital for sick soldiers. The Inn was also used as a storage location for various fixtures such as furniture and plumbing from the nearby Homestead resort.

The doors measure 81.25" tall and 48.5" wide (in place). The doors are 1-1/8" thick (5" thick including knobs).

History: The doors were salvaged from The Cascades Inn, as featured on the DiY Network show "Salvage Dawgs", Season 11, Episode 10,

Weight: 35 lbs.
Measurements (when in place): 48.5(W) x 81.25(H) x 1.125"(D)