Shiplap Paneling, Reclaimed Fumed Pine



The fuming in Pine is a subtle enhancement in the color tone, popping the grain patterns. Small cracks, nail holes, and knots all can be expected and appreciated as true marks of authenticity. Originally planed smooth, this antique pine has aged for centuries in abandoned chicken houses, giving it a true aged, time-worn appearance. The previous location of each board will determine the amount of weathering, fuming and aging present Great for accent walls, around your fireplace or media center, built-in shelves, upcycled artwork, barn doors, kitchen island siding, ceilings, and can used indoors or out. This paneling is not to be used as flooring, as each piece has its original surface, which may include some unevenness in thickness and raised grain. Sold by box only - 20 square feet per box. 28 lbs. Each piece of wood is 2.75"W plus a 3/8" lap. At 5/8" thick, the wood is stable and allows for a professional look, even if you DIY. Authentic antique and vintage Blue Ridge wood, reclaimed and milled in the USA.

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