Sign, Mid Century Bowtie Firestone Sign, Enameled Steel, 30 x 10 Feet, #2

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This salvaged, 1960's era, enameled steel double-sided Firestone sign measures a whopping 29 1/2 feet wide and just under 10 feet tall. It features the signature bowtie shape and flame-style lettering popular in Firestone's 1960's advertisements.
The sign, manufactured by Bellows Electric Sign Corp. of Akron, Ohio, is comprised of 8 separate enameled steel panels. The panels were previously affixed to a 2-sided neon sign. The neon tubing is no longer present and the sign has been disassembled into 8 separate panels to ease shipping, handling and reinstallation into your residential or commercial space!

Condition: This sign has a weathered slightly faded patina from exposure to the elements over a long period but is in good condition for its age. Dents, dings and small chips in the enamel, revealing the steel below, are present in areas on the panels. Enamel has worn off along the tops and bottoms of each panel. The backs of the panels all show rust spotting and heavier accumulation around the mounting point in the center, and around the interior edges of the flanges along the perimeters of the panels. A detailed breakdown of the sizing and condition of each panel is provided below. Additional photos are available upon request.

Measurement and Condition Details Panels are labeled A-H in order from left to right. Max and min height for each panel are listed from left side to right.

  • Panel A ("F"): 44"(W) x 89.375 - 84.375"(H), Evidence of impact on lower left side of face - large dent with equally large area missing enamel. Enamel is chipped from bottom left corner in 2 small spots. Very minor rust spotting on upper white border. Minor rust/oxidation stains along right side of "F".
  • Panel B ("i"): 44"(W) x 84.375 - 79.125"(H), minor rust pitting/spotting on red background around top of "i".
  • Panel C ("re"): 45"(W) x 79.125 - 74"(H), very minor rust spotting in upper red background. Rust stain in center of upper white border, small spot missing enamel below upper white border line along right edge.
  • Panel D ("es"): 44"(W) x 74 - 68.75"(H), Shallow scratches in red background above "s". Quarter sized spot of enamel missing along bottom of "s". Center of upper flange is bent (not visible from front).
  • Panel E ("st"): 44"(W) x 68.75 - 74"(H), Light rust staining along left side of upper white border and along upper half of "s". 2 areas missing enamel towards top of "t" along right edge. Enamel chipped from bottom left corner. Slight bend in flange along top of panel, additional small bend in bottom flange.
  • Panel F ("o"): 45"(W) x 74 - 79.25"(H), Large streak of enamel missing from upper left corner due to dent, smaller streak missing enamel just below. Flange bent along top where dented. Quarter sized spot of enamel missing from right side of "o". Smaller spot of enamel missing from background inside of "o".
  • Panel G ("n"): 44"(W) x 79.25 - 84.25"(H), very faint rust spotting/staining on right side of "n". Small spots missing enamel below left side of "n". Faint rust staining on upper white border.
  • Panel H ("e"): 44"(W) x 84.25 - 89.5"(H), Small area missing enamel along right edge. Faint rust spotting/staining in "e" and in areas on lower border.

Weight: 475 lbs.
Item Measurements: 354.75(L) x 1.13(W) x 89.5(H)

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