Thomas Maddock's Sons Co Pedestal Sink, Broken



Vitreous china pedestal sink manufactured in 1915 by Thomas Maddock's Sons Company of Trenton, New Jersey, pedestal is broken. This sink has the original nickel-plated faucet and overflow strainer, as well as some partial hardware. The vitreous china handles are not intact; however, the bases are still present. The lifting waste-plug was not with this sink at the time of salvage. This sink has a 11 ¾" L x 18" W x 6 ¾" H basin with an anti-splash rim. This sink is in decent condition. There are multiple small, hairline, cracks in the glaze on the top surface of the sink. There is a deeper crack radiating from the back of the faucet, to the underside of where the faucet is mounted. The nickel-plated hardware has developed a verdigris patina. Around the vitreous china hot/cold handle bases is a buildup of sediment that can be scraped off. The pedestal has broken where the sink would rest upon it. This can be fixed with strong, waterproof adhesive; though the remaining crack may still be visible. This sink was salvaged from Laverock Hill Estate in Glenside, PA. Here, we salvaged materials from an 1890's mansion that was remodeled in 1915 by architect Charles A. Platt. Prior to renovation, this Georgian mansion was formerly known as "Falcon Hill", or the "Sims Estate". Items from this job are featured on Season 9, Episode 2 of the DIY Network show "Salvage Dawgs". Weight: 152 lbs. Item Measurements: 30(L) x 24(W) x 35(H) As seen on Season 9, Episode 2.

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