Sliding Stable Door with Steel Grill, 54.25" x 89.63"

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Sliding stable or barn door with steel grille. This door is constructed of pine boards with a sturdy steel frame to prevent warping and significant wear.
The steel of the frame and grille are coated in flaky brown paint showing surface rust in varying degrees where the paint is missing. General wear such as dents, scratching and scuffing is present throughout the door. The wood has discolored in areas due to exposure to the elements over time.
This door has simple adjustable height box track rollers. Track is not included.
**Appearance may vary slightly from pictured door as we have multiples available**
Weight: 190 lbs.
Item Measurements: 54.25(L, add 0.25 to each side for fasteners) x 1.75(W, add 1.5 for hardware) x 89.63(H, not including rollers)

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