Stainless Prep Table - 45" x 29"



This commercial grade stainless steel prep table features a roomy 45" x 29" workspace, lower shelves, and a full backsplash. It was salvaged from a church kitchen in Alexandria, Virginia. A narrow bracket (level with the top), is present on the left side of the table, likely to attach to another table or counter.

Condition: Good, solid condition. Stainless steel is in very good condition with minor surface scuffs and scratches as expected. Access holes have been cut in the left side panel. The right side panel is intact. Heavy duty tape covers the sharp, cut edges. The rear left leg has been replaced with a piece of angle iron. This table could be improved with a bit of scrubbing, and a fresh coat of paint on the lower tiers.

History: Salvaged from the circa 1964 Church of the Resurrection in Alexandria, Virginia, this table and other items from this church are featured on Season 10, Episode 4, of the DIY Network show, "Salvage Dawgs".

Weight: 192 lbs.
Measurements: 46.25(L) x 30.25(W) x 41.5(H)

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