Steel French Door Set in Jamb, 2 Lite, Missing Pane

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Pair of 2 lite steel doors in a steel jamb with bronze knob and locking hardware. This unit is coated in worn, chipped and flaking pale gray paint. Surface rust, pitting and stains are present in areas throughout the door where the finish has worn off, exposing the raw steel to the elements. The glass retainers are intact but are missing fasteners. New fasteners will need to be installed to retain the glass in a safe manner. The upper right pane of glass (if viewing from the interior hinged side) is missing and will need replacement. Weight: 140 lbs. Item Measurements: 44.5(L) x 1.3125(W) x 80.875(H) Right Door (if viewing from interior, hinged side): 22.25(L) x 1.3125(W, add 2.125 to each side for knobs) x 80(H) Left Door: 22.25(L) x 1.3125(W) x 80(H) Jamb: 44.5(W0 x 1.375(W, add 0.5 for hinges) x 80.875(H) As seen on Season 9, Episode 2.

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