Time Lock, 3 Movement, Diebold



Time lock with 3 mechanical movements manufactured by Diebold Incorporated. A time lock is used with a vault or safe to prohitbit access even when an individual knows the correct combination as a means of discouraging burglars and preventing authorized staff to enter at an unauthorized time. This time lock consists of 3 mechanical movements, made in Switzerland, housed in a cast aluminum box with an acrylic faceplate. The movements are wound using the included square winding key to turn the arbors situated under each dial. Each measurement will count down from up to 120 hours, or 5 days. This time lock does not include the locking bolt mechanism. This lock was salvaged from a bank in Downtown Kannapolis, North Carolina, as the city begins an intensive downtown revitalization project. Items from this job are featured on Season 9, Episode 6, of the DiY Network show, "Salvage Dawgs". Weight: 4 lbs. Item Measurements: 5.3(L) x 4(W) x 4.3(H) As seen on Season 9, Episode 6.

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