Ultrasonic Polyester Encapsulation System, William Minter

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Polyester encapsulation system manufactured by William Minter in 2008. This device uses ultrasonic welding technology to protect and preserve fragile archival documents by encapsulating them in polyester film in a fully reversible manner.
This unit consists of:
Ultrasonic generator and motor control (William Minter/DuKane Model 93108 110-2596 211419)
Motorized welder
Foot pedal
2x Interlocking stainless steel beds (46" x 23.75" & 46" x 16")
5x Magnetic hold-down mats (40" x 3.875", 40.1875" x 16", 40.25" x 16.375", 24.375" x 16.5", 16.5" x 12.125")
Custom adjustable height/slope table, hand crank hydraulic
(working height- 30.5, lifts 11.75" to 42.25, surface slopes up to 12")
Polyester film roll (unknown length)
This piece is in good, functional, condition. The hydraulic lift system that operates the sloping tabletop will need adjustment or repair as it is lifting the top unevenly, causing roughly 5/8" of variance in height from one side of the top to the opposing side.
Weight: 485 lbs.
Item Measurements: 48.5(L) x 48(W, add 5" for crank handles) x 54.625 - 66.375(H)

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