1960's Vibration American Aerospace Console, Huge Retro Spaceship Control Panel



Brimming with retro-futuristic style, this authentic 1950-60's era aerospace control panel cabinet is full of vibration test equipment, including knobs, wheels, gadgets and gizmos. Manufactured by MB Electronics in the 1950's-60's in New Haven, Connecticut, this Model T94 analog vibration test equipment console was used to test various components used in the aerospace industry. This majestic control panel could be considered an American aerospace museum piece, a prop or set design item, or the most authentic wall of gadgetry for an industrial style decor.

Additional photos of the internal cabinets of the machine are available upon request. We are not experts and therefore cannot guarantee that 100% of the internal components are all present, intact and functional.

This vintage analog vibration test equipment console is comprised of 2 pieces; the lower desk, and the instrument cabinet.
The desk section of this unit has a cabinet door on the face of each pedestal.
The left pedestal has an X-Y Recorder assembly concealed below a compartment with a sliding cover on the top surface.
The face of the instrument cabinet is fitted with a variety of gauges, dials, knobs and buttons. The back of the cabinet has 3 doors which open to reveal the inner analog components. Most vacuum tubes have been removed from the easy to access intruments but a few remain inside of the enclosed components.

We have no way of knowing whether the inner workings are all intact or functional. Attempting any repairs or tinkering is not advised unless by a qualified electrician.

2 parts:
Instrument Cabinet: 66"(L) x 36"(W) x 78"(H), 1000 lbs.

Desk Assembly: 66"(L) x 19.75"(W, not including track connectors) x 29.625"(H, add 0.375" for lip. 200 lbs.

Total Weight: 1200 lbs.
Overall Measurements: 66(L) x 43.75(W) x 78(H)

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