Victorian Gingerbread Spandrel, Lyre Ornament



This ornate Victorian gingerbread spandrel is composed of wood with a dark stained finish. Delicate ball and dowel spool spindles, scrolled heart ornament, and geometric decoration are centered around a beautiful scrolled lyre motif in the middle of the piece. This piece is in good salvaged condition but will need minor repairs to some of the components. There are two ball and dowel spindles missing from the circular section on one side of the piece, and a single drop ball missing along the bottom of the piece. Chips and minor breaks may be present in some components of the piece. This spandrel was picked from an antique dealer and collector's warehouse in historic Providence Forge, Virginia. Weight: 10 lbs. Item Measurements: 84(L) x 0.75(W) x 16.25(H)

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