Corrugated Chicken Wire Glass Panels, C&O Railroad Salvage 72" x 28"



This brilliant, resilient corrugated chicken wire glass was salvaged from the Chesapeake & Ohio (C & O) Railway maintenance shop in Virginia. Each panel is 72.5" tall and features beautiful, corrugated plate glass embedded with wire.

The invention and use of this type of glass gained popularity during the Industrial Revolution because of its durability and capability as a fire retardant. Wire-embedded glass was also able to provide an industrial facility with plenty of natural diffused light, and withstand the vibrations caused by the manufacturing process.

This panel of clear corrugated chicken wire glass features classic, hexagonal chicken wire embedded within thick, corrugated glass and is capped with copper on one end. 

In modern use, this rare glass has been repurposed as room dividers, canopies, shower stalls and restaurants; the possibilities are endless! 

Weight: 80 lbs,
Dimensions:72.5H x 1.5D x 28.25W

Condition: Excellent. No cracks or evidence of repair. Edges may show minor chips and shelf wear.

History: In 1902 the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway (C&O) operated as a coal freight and passenger depot for their successful operations in the New River Gorge. The salvage of the glass panels can be seen on DIY Network's show "Salvage Dawgs" [Season 8, Episode 11].

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