Vintage Medical Examination Room Instrument Storage Cabinet, Mahogany, Lighted



This vintage medical cabinet features elegant detail, mahogany veneer, and an interesting storage compartment.
The cabinet is highly detailed with fluting along the front corners, and ribbon and reed molding along the perimeter of the top. The top of the cabinet has a handy, illuminated storage compartment with a hinged lid. Inside, a small panel with light switches and medical supply compartments are present. The light is concealed underneath these assemblies to illuminate the containers from below. The base of the cabinet includes 4 drawers and a cabinet with a single shelf.

Condition: This cabinet is in good condition with surface dents, scuffs and scratches as expected with age and use. The veneer is in good shape with no visible delamination. Updating the electrical wiring is advised, as it appears outdated and is untested.

Weight: 121 lbs.
Item Measurements: 18.125(D- add 0.75" for hardware) x 31.25(W- add 1" for hardware) x 39(H)

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