3 Door Set, 24" x 71" each, 1922 Roanoke Virginia Fire Station Salvage



Own a piece of Roanoke, Virginia history! Salvaged from the Roanoke Fire Station #1, this pine wall panel with 3 doors was used to store the personal belongings and equipment of our fire fighting heroes for generations. The wall was rough cut for removal. The usable area measures: 116 3/4"(W) x 79 1/4"(H) .

Pine wall panel with 3 doors. This panel has a set of 3 pine 2 panel doors measuring (from left to right respectively) 1 3/8"(L) x 24"(W x 71 1/16"(H), 1 3/8"( 24"(W) x 71 1/2"(H), and 1 3/8"(L) x 24"(W) x 71 3/8"(H). The front of the wall is lightly stained with a gloss clearcoat finish, while the opposing side is raw and unfinished. The doors are also lightly stained with a gloss clearcoat finish on each side. Each is equipped with a steel escutcheon and knob set with black finish, and a pair of steel hinges with black and aged brass finish.

History: This panel was salvaged from the historic Fire Station No. 1 in Downtown Roanoke, Virginia. This station was one of the longest continually operating in Virginia; in use from 1907, until 2007, when a replacement facility was opened. This firehouse and items from it are featured on Season 11, Episode 11, of the DIY Network show, "Salvage Dawgs".

Weight: 200 lbs.
Overall Measurements: 117.5(L) x 6.25(W) x 80.38(H)
Condition: Very good overall condition with scuffs, scratches, dents, and gouges present throughout. A large piece has splintered from the bottom right of the casing of the center door.
Rough cuts were made in order to remove the panel. It has an overall measurement (including overhanging elements) of 118"(W) x 80"(H), with the usable area measuring 116 3/4"(W) x 79 1/4"(H).

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