Florentine Glass Window, 46" x 38", 1900 Catholic School, Pittsburgh PA

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This textured glass window was salvaged from the circa 1900 Saint Michael's Catholic School of in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The window is 46" x 38" and features beautiful, clear glass with a Florentine starburst design. The glass imparts an elegant, sparkling finish with a high distortion texture, allowing for diffused light and privacy.

Condition: Good condition. The glass panel is intact, showing a history of having been painted. Much of the paint has become flaky and some will scrape off easily. The pane is sturdy in its sash.

History: This window was salvaged from the circa 1900 St. Michael's Catholic School of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The school is featured in season 6, episode one of the DIY network show "Salvage Dawgs".

Weight: 30 lbs.
Sash measures 38H x 46W x 2.25D

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