Fire Door or Sidelight, Chicken Wire Glass, Bright Red 26.4 x 84 Salvage



This interesting firedoor sidelight was salvaged from a high school in Pennsylvania. The clad-metal panel is 26-3/8" wide and 84" tall. It features bright, glossy red paint and a chicken wire window. The window is either a single pane with 2 horizontal metal muntins, providing structural support, or there are 3 separate panes of glass held in place with the metal muntins. Exposed metal areas, where the paint has chipped, shows the spangle pattern indicative of galvanized metal. A metal part number or rating plaque is present on the edge of the door reading "9486-07".

Condition: Good condition for age and use. Allover paint scuffs and chips. Due to the age of the door, we assume the sidelight would not meet current fire code standards.

History: This sidelight was salvaged from Youngwood High School, built in 1917 in Youngwood, Pennsylvania. Our crew was honored to salvage doors, chalkboards, lockers and sinks from the structure prior to its slated demolition in 2013. The salvage job was featured on the DIY Network show, "Salvage Dawgs", Season 2, Episode 13.

Measurements: 26.38 x 84 x 1.75

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