Wood Burning Fireplace Insert



Wood burning fireplace insert with slate hearth. This insert has a 46 5/8"W x 40 1/4"H face and has a 19"D x 35 ½"W x 30"H firebox with a mesh curtain. Refractory panels resembling concrete line the floor and back of the firebox. The outer sides of the steel housing taper inward at a 70-degree angle to the face, allowing installation in both a corner or square fireplace. This insert measures 24" deep. The flue collar, projecting 4" above the top of the insert, has an inner diameter of 10" and an outer diameter of 15". Also included with this insert is a beautiful trapezoid shaped slate hearth with radiused corners. This hearth, when installed is 67 ½" wide and 19 ½" deep. The front edge measures 38 1/2" before tapering in to form the trapezoid shape. Weight: 372 lbs. Item Measurements: 46(L) x 24(D) x 42(H)

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