Steel Industrial X-Ray Storage and Drying Cabinet, Locker Style, 56" W



This darkroom cabinet was once used for storage of unused X-Ray films and drying of developed films. Manufactured by S & S X-Ray Products Inc., this steel cabinet is full of industrial detail. The steel body features a gray metallic finish, chrome detail, stencilled drawer label, temperature control knob and vented panels

Details: The drying cabinet is situated on the left side of the console. It has a timer and a 3 way tempurature control switch. The drawer opens to reveal a rack that holds the exposed films in an upright position. The right side of the console contains a film loader designed to prevent unexposed film from clouding due to light leaks.

Condition: Good salvaged condition, some surface scuffs and minimal rust around the seams and edges where the finish has worn off. The left drawer has more extensive interior rust, which has resulted in 2 holes at the bottom of the drawer (due to repated exposure to moisture over an extended period). It has not been tested for functionality.

Weight: 225 lbs.

Item Measurements: 56 1/8(L) x 16 1/8(W) x 37 5/8(H) .

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