Kitchenette, Crane, Sink Cooktop & Fridge



"Chef" kitchenette with sink, electric cooktop with 2 elements, and refrigerator manufactured by Crane Co. in 1969. This unit has an enameled white top with an integrated backsplash that has chipped in areas. The sides of the unit have developed surface rust that can be sanded and painted over. The left side of the kitchenette has 2 holes cut out; one for plumbing, one for wiring. Behind the large door, on the right side of the face of the unit, is a refrigerator. The fridge is in poor condition and will need removal or replacing. The narrow door on the left face of the unit opens to reveal a storage area and the plumbing for the sink. This Kitchenette would make a great upcycled cabinet or can be refurbished to its former glory! This piece was salvaged from a building in Downtown Kannapolis, North Carolina, as the city begins an intensive downtown revitalization project. Items from this job are featured on Season 9, Episode 6, of the DiY Network show, "Salvage Dawgs". Weight: 188 lbs. Item Measurements: 39.8(L) x 25.5(W) x 39.8(H) As seen on Season 9, Episode 6.

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