15 Foot Religious Stained Glass Window, Virginia Church Salvage, 15' x 15'

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This large, nine-panel religious stained glass window was salvaged from the circa 1972 Grace Family Church of Vinton, Virginia. At 15 feet in height and width, it is a stunning focal point for any space designed for prayer, solitude and healing. The stained glass depicts Jesus with open arms, centered in a quatrefoil field of deep purple stained glass. A beautiful window for a home, hospital, sanctuary, care facility or retreat.

The window is comprised of nine separate panels, each panel measures 59.25 inches wide x 58.75 inches in height. The center three vertical panels depict Jesus with open arms and are framed in bronze colored aluminum.
Three vertical panels flank the center panels on the left and right of the center panels. These panels have been taken out of their aluminum frame.
When assembled and clad in a frame, the piece measures 184 inches high x 186 inches wide.

History: This window was salvaged from the circa 1972 Grace Family Church in Vinton, Virginia. The salvage of this window and other items from the church were featured in season six, episode eight of the DIY network show "Salvage Dawgs".

Condition: Very good. All panes present and sturdy. Very few fractures.

Weight: 725 lbs.
Assembled measurements: 184" H x 186" W.

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