Assymetrical Stained Glass, Angled Trapezoid 46"x 22"

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This is a lovely stained glass window in a wooden sash with zinc caming. The simple wooden sash is painted brown on one side and off-white on the other. The colorful glass pieces are in various geometric shapes with primarily straight lines.
We have multiples and no two are alike! These windows can be installed in your home, hung in front of your current windows or over an island, or built into a stunning custom front door! These look great hanging in pairs!
These were salvaged from the High Point Family Worship Center, formerly B'nai Israel Synagogue.
Please note that the sizes of the sashes may vary some. If you are looking for matching sizes, please let us know. Weight: 23 lbs.; Average Measurements: 22(L) x 1.5(W) x 46" on the tall side and 34.5" on the shorter side.

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