Fireclay Farm Sink, 1929 Ideal Pottery, 52", Right Side Drainboard

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This farm sink was manufactured in 1929 by the Ideal Pottery Company in Trenton, New Jersey. It was later salvaged from Central High School, also in Trenton, NJ. The sink features the classic farm sink silhouette with a glossy, enameled finish, roomy, right-side drainboard and 9-inch backsplash. The sink basin is 7" deep with an 8" faucet span. The right-side drainboard is 26" wide.
The sink has the Ideal Pottery Company logo, "Ideal P. Co." within a star, impressed upon the back, with the production date "10-17-29". The sink comes with two mounting brackets. Legs are NOT available.

Condition: Good condition. As expected with age, the porcelain glaze has become crazed with a delicate, spiderweb patina. Small surface and edge chips may be present. The glazed fireclay sink shows no rust and is expected to last for generations. Unlike enameled cast iron sinks, fireclay or porcelain sinks do not rust.

History: This item was salvaged from Central High School in Trenton, New Jersey as the school was prepared for renovation. This salvage job was featured on the DIY Network show "Salvage Dawgs", in Season Five, Episodes 5 and 7.

Weight: 452 lbs.,
Overall Measurements: 18H x 24D x 52.25W
Backsplash Height: 9 inches
Basin Measurements: 7"H x 16.5"D x 24"W
Faucet span: 8.5 inches on center, 1.5" faucet holes
Brackets and Legs: Sink comes with two mounting brackets, no legs.

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