Vintage Steelyard Balance Scale, No Weights

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Steelyard balance scale measuring up to 80Lbs on one side, and 320Lbs on the other. Comprised of a flat hooked and tapered bar with incised gradients and 2 offset hooks. The item being measured would hang from the lower hook, while the instrument is hung from the upper hook. A weight would then hook onto the graduated end of the balance to determine the weight in question. This piece is designed to be used with 2 different weights, a smaller one for the 80Lb side and larger for the 320LB side. Unfortunately, the weights are not included and were not present at the time of this pick.
This balance was picked from an antique dealer and collector's warehouse in historic Providence Forge, Virginia.
Item Measurements: 39.5(L) x 2(W) x 15.25(H)

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