1 Panel Door in Jamb, 30.25" x 5.125" x 85.5"

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Wooden veneered single panel door in jamb salvaged from the former location of a tire shop and warehouse in Roanoke, VA. This circa 1910 building was initially the home of Exchange Lumber Company until 1941.
The door has unpainted veneer on one side and a coat of white paint on the other. It is equipped with ball hinges, a glass knob on one side and a crescent thumb turn on the other.
This door is in fair condition with wear consistent with use over a long period. The veneer is cracked and slightly separated at the bottom corner of the painted side. The veneer on the unpainted side shows multiple scratches and scuffs throughout with discolored finish as well as cracked and separating veneer towards the bottom half of the door.
Weight: 80 lbs.
Item Measurements (not including hardware)- Jamb: 30(L) x 5.13(W) x 85.5(H)
Door: 27.75(L) x 82.875(H)

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