Antique Temple Style Stone Altar, Man and Woman Caryatid Figures, 43"W x 58"H

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This rare, hand-carved solid stone console was made in Rajasthan, India over 150 years ago. The 3 piece table features an intricately carved shelf supported by 2 stone figures in traditional dress. The carved male and female figures appear to architecturally support the entablature on their heads, in the style of caryatids and atlas (or telamon) statues. In some cultures, temple altar statues are presented in pairs, each god with his consort.

Caryatids, sometimes called korai, or “maidens” are often shown carrying sacred objects used at feasts of the gods. The top surface shows five raised circular platforms, perhaps for urns, candles or other sacred ritual items.

Condition: Good condition, showing surface issues as expected with age, such as scuffs, scratches, erosion and chips (photographed).

Weight: 1160 lbs.
Assembled Measurements: 23.75(L) x 58(W) x 43.375(H)

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