Archway, Quartersawn Oak, 150"W x 149"H, Salvaged Trim Surround System

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This beautiful quartersawn oak archway was salvaged from the Kean Estate, a 17,000 square-foot mansion atop the highest point in Livingston, New Jersey, once home of the 10-term U.S. Congressman Robert W. Kean.

The oak system is comprised of an arched header with a scrolled keystone, corbel and fluted pilasters. Installed, the archway stands 12.4 feet in height x 12.5 feet wide.

Details: This system is constructed of quartersawn oak with a stained finish. It is comprised of 4 parts; 2 square pilasters, the arched header, and a single scrolled corbel that would have been mounted on the right pilaster.
Header: The header has recessed panels along the underside and simple molding on the face leading up to a carved scrolled keystone.
Pilasters: The square fluted pilasters are graced with beautifully detailed egg and dart molding along the crown of the capitals.
This arch once spanned an entry doorway (as seen in the field photo) with the left pilaster positioned against a perpendicular wall. As a result, the left pilaster only has 2 sides. The right pilaster has 3 sides with the outer side being shallower in depth than the interior side.

Condition: This archway is in good salvaged condition with minor damage and wear in areas. Scuffing, scratches and minor gouges are present in areas throughout the surface of the system while a piece of the baseboard on the bottom of the left pilaster is missing.

Detailed Measurements:
Left leg: 84 lbs, 12(W) x 9 3/8(D) x 113 1/2(H)
Right leg: 46 lbs, 18(W) x 12(D- interior side), 7(D- outer side) x 113 3/8(H)
Corbel: Qty 1, 13 lbs, 9 1/2(W) x 6 1/8(D) x 13 1/4(H)
Arch: 71 lbs, 142 1/2(W) x 10 7/8(D) x 35 3/8(H)
Interior Arch: 128 5/8(W) x 27 1/2(H-not including keystone)
Total Weight: 217 lbs.
Overall Measurements: 150 5/8(L) x 14(W) x 149(H)

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