"City of Philadelphia" Leaded Glass Window in Metal Casement, 78.75"H

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Pair of leaded glass windows in metal casement. If viewing from the interior side, the window on the left features a painted medallion depicting the seal of the city of Philadelphia surrounded by a thin border of orange stained glass. A clear medallion also surrounded by an orange stained glass is present on the right window. Varying styles of seeded glass surrounds the medallions on both sashes. Evidence of repairs are present throughout both sashes, where the lead came was used to fill in cracks in various panes. A cremone bolt is mounted to the right window sash.
The interior of this unit has integrated casing showing surface rust and evidence of nickel plating, which has worn significantly from the surface of the casing.
This window has a single missing pane on the right side of the medallion of the left door (if viewing from the interior side), and multiple cracked panes throughout. The handle is missing from the cremone bolt and will need replacement. Both operating arms will need to be re-fastened to the jamb. The flange on the left-side operation arm is missing and will need replacement.
Window is 55.5" wide when including mounting brackets. Window Measurements: 52.5(L) x 6.25(W) x 78.75(H).

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