French Window Set in Jamb, 28 Lite, 121.5" Tall

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Paneled French window in Jamb. This unit is comprised of a pair of inward swinging 14 light window sashes in a wooden jamb. The interior side of the sashes are coated in white paint. The exterior of the sashes and jamb are coated in crazed, chipped and flakey pale yellow paint. A brass cremone bolt is mounted on the interior side of the right sash. Aluminum storm windows and screens, comprised of a pair of tall hinged frames (one with 2 screened sashes, the other with a glazed sash over a screened sash) below a transom-like frame with sliding glass sashes, are mounted to the exterior side of the unit.
This window is in good salvaged condition with wear and tear consistent with exposure to the elements over a long period. 2 glass panes are missing from the bottom right side of the left sash and will need replacement. Paint loss is present throughout the exterior side of the piece. The lip of the sill of the exterior has broken and will need repair or replacement.
Weight: 400 lbs.
Item Measurements-
Overall: 56.5(L) x 10.5(W) x 121.5(H)
Left Door (viewing from interior side): 26.75(L) x 116(H)
Right Door: 27.25(L) x 116(H)

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