Vintage Garage Door Set, 6 Lite, 2 Panel

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Set of 2 wooden garage doors coated in dark green paint with 2 panels and 6 wavy glass lites each. These doors are not square and will likely need to be cut to fit the desired opening. Initially used with strap hinges, this set could be converted to sliding doors with the addition of rollers.
These doors are in fair condition. Damage is present from weathering and possible impact along the bottom edges of the doors. Repair and reinforcement is recommended.
Weight: 145 lbs. (combined)
Item Measurements-
Overall: 91(L) x 1.75(W, add 3" for interior hardware, 1 for exterior) x 85.75 - 87.375(H)
Left Door (view from interior side w/ turnbuckle):45.75(L) x 1.75(W) x 87.375 - 85.75(H, from left side to right side)
Right Door: 45(L) x 1.75(W) x 85.75 - 87.375(H, from left side to right side)

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