Large Ionic Pilaster Capital, 50", Dated 1903, Salvaged, Princeton History

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This 4 foot wide Ionic Capital features intricate, classic Ionic order detail and is impressed with the date, 1903. The capital is made of earthenware, with scrolls and egg and dart detail.

Condition: This capital is in good condition with expected surface issues: Chips and gouges are present along the proud features of the piece, mostly along the corners and edges. Traces of blue and yellow paint are present in the grooves of the egg and dart decoration along the bottom of the piece. Cracks are present in the interior support structure of the capital but do not compromise its sturdiness.

History: Although we cannot verify the provenance of this piece, it is rumored the capital was salvaged from a private social club at Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey. The most likely mansion that this would have been salvaged from is the Colonial Club. This club occupies a large mansion in Princeton, NJ, and it is most recognizable by its four large white Colonial-style columns, The current building has served as the clubhouse for Colonial since 1906, a year that corresponds to the year of manufacture impressed on the back of this piece.
Interestingly, the Colonial Club was referred to as "flamboyant Colonial" in F. Scott Fitzgerald's debut novel, This Side of Paradise, and was defined as being one of the "top five" clubs at Princeton University.

Weight: 450 lbs.
Item Measurements: 49.75(L) x 18.75(W) x 22(H)

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