Natchez Solution All Natural Furniture Care, 8 oz

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The Original Natchez Solution is a furniture restorer’s best friend! It’s the original, all-natural “green” wood conditioner that restores and revitalizes the natural beauty of wood furniture. It polishes and protects leaving a lustrous, warm shine that lasts. It nourishes and restores dull, faded surfaces to give a striking finish to kitchens and living room surfaces by bringing out the brilliant tones, grain depth and texture of wood. And The Original Natchez Solution can greatly diminish the appearance of scratches, scuffs and minor watermarks, making them virtually disappear. It is an easy investment for preserving the life of wood by adding a protective coating that deters drying, fading and deterioration.

Does absolute marvels on mistreated furniture. Beautifies all wood finishes, whether new or old.
Eliminates stress from arid or humid conditions.
Is 100% natural. Simple to use. Smells great. Can be hand applied. Hypoallergenic.
Does not contain alcohol, pine oil, detergents, silicones, urethane or any filler type materials
Can be used over any type finish to give a rich, hand rubbed appearance. Works well on painted antiques.
Can be combined with oil-based stains for a one-stop application.
Gives marble a beautiful appearance and can enhance old metals, such as stainless steel.

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