Para-Port Portable Hold Down, Aircraft Hangar Enclosure, R.L. Kuss Co.

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This is a portable, cast aluminum "hold down" for an aircraft hangar enclosure, manufactured by R. L. Kuss Co Incorporated and Para-Port.

The Para-Port hanger enclosure system uses a curtain fastened to a tube on one end. The hold downs allow the curtain and tube (not included) to be anchored down from the bottom. The hold down is anchored to the concrete floor with gib anchors. The hinged arm (with rollers) rests atop the tube, the red hinged handle is then raised to the upright position. A bolt in the red handle is loosened, effectively clamping the arms of the hold down into place, sealing and helping to insulate the hangar.

Weight: 72 lbs.
Measurements: 22(L) x 20(W) x 10(H)

Condition: Very good for age and use. Overall expected surface scuffs and patina.

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