Large Control Panel Enclosure Door

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This industrial steel door was removed from a control panel enclosure. It is coated in faded blue paint with perforations at the top and bottom; initially used for venting. The exterior side of the door has a small metal plaque, reading "No 1 Generator", mounted below the upper perforated section. The set of 3 hinges on the interior side of the door have been cut. On the opposite edge of the door from the hinges, a pair of bolts with hand knobs are present, once used to secure the door shut. This door is in good condition with heavy fading and wear in the finish. Surface rust is present where the finish has worn heavily. This door was salvaged from the power house of the former Rock Hill Printing and Finish Company facility in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Known as "The Bleachery" to locals, the facility was comprised of 6 buildings, the earliest dating back to 1925, and a reservoir. The power house, and items from it, are featured on Season 10, Episode 7, of the DIY Network Show, "Salvage Dawgs". Weight: 30 lbs. Item Measurements: 29.75(L) x 1.13(W) x 59.75(H) Depth with knob is 2.125" As seen on Season 10, Episode 7.

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