Salvaged Nautical Foundry Pattern, Industrial Shipbuilding Mold, 67" Dox Diesel

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This industrial, wooden foundry pattern was designed and manufactured by Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Company in Pennsylvania. The handmade wooden pattern is 66.5" tall with a bold, 3-dimensional body and stained wood finish. While this piece was created for industrial use, the design has the unintentional look of a bold, yet charming robot or figure! It is hard not to decipher a calm, tribal, Polynesian style figure or comic robot. Research has closely matched the design of this mold to the Sun Doxford Diesel Engine.

The pattern, or mould, shows the original manufacturer's metal plaque that reads "S.S.B. & Co." as well as an affixed metal part number tag. Allover hand painted markings add authenticity and interest to the piece.

Weight: 286 lbs.
Measurements: 60(L) x 16(W) x 66.5(H)

Condition: Very good condition. Solid body with surface scuffs, paint loss, fading and patina as expected with age and use.

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