Stained Glass, Angus Dei Lamb

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This panel has a medallion situated in the top center, inside of which, a lamb bearing a holy flag, known as "Agnus Dei", or "Lamb of God", is depicted using glass paint over a wine-red background. The medallion is surrounded by panes of pale pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple obscure glass between an ornate border on the left and right sides of the panel. The border is decorated with foliage and cruciform motifs in glass paint on uniquely shaped panes of vibrant red, pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple glass. A light coat of glass paint has been applied to the glass in random shapes and configurations to create the illusion of shadows.
This panel is in fair condition. Some panes may be chipped or cracked and the came may be loose in some areas. The exact age and provenance of this piece is unknown.
Weight: 37 lb. Item Measurements: 51.75(L) x 0.375(W) x 40.25(H).

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