Texas Tavern: Four Generations of the Millionaires Club, Paperback Book

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Texas Tavern, by Shari L. Dragovich

On February 13, 1930, amidst the turmoil of the Great Depression, Isaac Nick Bullington, circus advance man, advertising guru, and entrepreneur from Indiana, opened a tiny, shotgun-style, hamburger, hot dog, and chili joint in Roanoke, Virginia. He called it the Texas Tavern.
He hung quirky sayings on its walls and made the outside look like something more suited for a boardwalk on the beach. He sold his food on the cheap and declared it The Millionaires Club, a place for saints and sinners alike; all status must be checked at the door. With Nick's original recipes and the addition of the cheesy western, it has become a national food-lovers' landmark. Ninety years later, the Texas Tavern is still owned and operated by the same Bullington family.

TEXAS TAVERN: FOUR GENERATIONS OF THE MILLIONAIRES CLUB tells the story of one family's faithful stewardship of their restaurant and their community--and reveals the Tavern's true heartbeat through the love stories of its customers.

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