Vintage Coca Cola Cooler 6'

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This is a vintage 6' 4-door rolling CocaCola chest cooler with bottle opener and tray with raised message "Have a Coke". The steel cabinet is painted the traditional red and white, with galvanized interior. This piece is easily moveable, as it is on 6 wheels. With some modification, this can be a fully functioning piece!
Condition: Complete cabinet with all access panels, chest doors and handles. A few panel screws are missing. Unit has gotten some aftermarket painting and there is overspray along the bottom rear of cooler. There is some rust on interior surfaces and the cooler door hinges. Fiberglass door interiors are deteriorated and insulation is exposed. Gaskets in varying degrees of deterioration, cracked, torn or missing. Cap collection bin has rusted out bottom.
Note, the unit compressor operates and cools, however the electrical wire has been cut and hot-wired and runs through a side panel vent.
Weight: 400 lb. Item Measurements: 72(L) x 27(W) x 37(H)

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