Window or Door, Arched 25 Lite 106" Tall

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Arched 25 lite window with wooden frame and textured glass. Opaque glass is mounted in the lower, square section of the window, while modern "antique" style glass is mounted in the arched section. This window could be easily converted to a door or used as a room divider. It is ready for restoration or repurposing!

This piece is in good salvaged condition with wear consistent with use over a long period. Some glazing putty has fallen from the frame and will need replacement. Chipping and splintering are present along the outer edges of the frame. One pane is cracked.

Weight: 130 lbs.

Item Measurements: 53.88(L) x 1.75(W) x 106(H)

Special equipment or a forklift may be required at the customer's expense at delivery.

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