1959 Retro Flair Oven, Tappan Fabulous 400 with Slide Out Range Stove

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Emboldened by customer enthusiasm for Jet Age glamour in the 1950's, manufacturers began embellishing kitchen appliances with gleaming chrome and a retro "instrument panel" design. This 1959 Tappan, "Fabulous 400" was at the forefront of the radical appliance redesign movement.

This Fabulous 400 features dual ovens located at eye level, both lined with gleaming stainless steel and fitted with full glass doors. The smaller oven has an electric rotisserie motor fitted at the rear. Burners were installed in a slide-out drawer, complete with fold-down maple cutting board.

Condition: Gleaming chrome trim, glass shows no breaks or evidence of repair, logo intact and in excellent condition, original knobs present. Function Condition: Though this unit worked prior to removal, it is not functional in its current condition. The upper-left oven door hinge bracket has been cut in attempt to repair but could not be fixed and reattached securely due to the composition of the metal. A replacement bracket will need to be acquired and installed in order for the door to be securely hung in place. Surface scuffs and oxidation present on the exterior, general surface grime present as expected on the inside of oven units.

Pop Culture Artifact: Elvis Presley bought a Tappan that still resides in the Graceland kitchen! A significant competitor to the Tappan is the 1960 Frigidaire Flair, who copied the design of the 400 and is a prominent feature in Samantha's kitchen in "Bewitched" and a kitchen in "Mad Men" Season 6, set in 1966.

Installation: The 400 was designed to be built-in, but was most commonly installed on its own matching lower storage base cabinet. Our unit does not include the lower cabinet.

Weight: 250 lbs.
Overall Dimensions: 35"H x 40"W x 26.5"D

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